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Knowledge is the key to successful investing. The key to knowledge is through education. Do you wish to be financially independent? Then join us to turbo-charge your savings and get the $10,000 course at the lowest ever discount price.

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Things you need to know to choose wisely when investing

  • Financial Excellence
  • Support & Resistance
  • Globalization & Economics
  • Technical Indicators
  • Sector Analysis
  • Risk Management
  • Develop/structure wealth plan including how will work with the active and passive components of their portfolio
  • Implement decision process with real life scenarios but with practice (dummy) accounts
  • Interpret the global news and events and understand how impact markets
  • Paper trading analysis
  • Advanced technical analysis support
  • Individual coaching
  • One-on-one support

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Charting Software

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Module 1 TA

Support & Resistance

Module 1 FA

Financial Excellence

Module 2 TA

Technical Indicators

Module 2 FA

Globalization & Economics


The Curriculum: 3 Phases


Phase1 Teach: Learning Process

These sessions focus on building your foundational knowledge of the markets and decision-making process.  It consists of an overview of the stock market followed by 10 weeks of online education with a class delivered once per week on a pre-scheduled time-slot.  Each class is a unique teaching session (approximately 1 hour per session per week) that builds on the previous weeks knowledge and utilizes current market conditions to support the goal of the lesson…. READ MORE

Specific Modules Complete The Learning Side of The Program:

  • Financial Excellence
  • Support & Resistance
  • Globalization & Economics
  • Technical Indicators
  • Sector Analysis
  • Company Analysis
  • Risk Management
  • Portfolio Creation
  • Emotional Trading


Phase 2 Train: Application 

As students move into PHASE 2, they are beginning to paper trade and make decisions on companies and sectors.  This phase focuses on applying the learned concepts to actual decisions with real companies.

We deliver weekly information through our Real Time Market Analysis (RTMA) … READ MORE


Phase 3 Coach: Execution

Most novice investors struggle because they lack the coaching and support to understand the environment, they are trading in.  PHASE 3, which is delivered in conjunction with PHASE 2, helps students interpret the decisions they are making in the context of the larger market.  It focuses on developing better trading strategies… READ MORE

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